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University of Oregon

Additional Sample Mentor Questions

You should also consider engaging mentors in a conversation about their time at UO to help you think about ways to get more out of the major and the college experience. Here are some sample questions:

  • What activities or clubs did you participate in as an undergraduate?
  • How did you balance your academic, work, and social lives?
  • Did you study abroad?
  • Did you have more than one major?
  • Did you have a minor?
  • How often did you see your academic advisor?
  • How often did you attend office hours?
  • Did you participate in the English Honors Program?
  • Did you utilize the Career Center?
  • Did you do an internship?
  • How did you advocate for yourself and your education?
  • How did you figure out your post graduate plans?
  • Did you participate in the student leadership of the English Undergraduate Organization?
  • Did you attend English Undergraduate Organization sponsored events?
  • Were you a member of Sigma Tau Delta?
  • Looking back on college, what academic activities didn’t you do that you now wish you’d done?
  • What are you reading/watching these days?