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Stories, Histories, Justice

Welcome to the website of the Department of English, a member of the College of Arts and Sciences and one of the largest programs on campus. We are a community of students and teacher-scholars passionate about storytelling, rhetoric, and interpretation.

We believe that words, images, and narratives change the world—that they can stimulate or lull into complacency, mystify or inform, alienate or uplift, enslave or empower. In our 475 undergraduate and graduate courses led by 60 full-time faculty members, we explore how writers, cultures, and institutions tell the stories that shape people’s very different experiences, for better or worse. Thus, we study literature, writing, critical thinking, and ethical research practices to construct a just future.

To this end, our undergraduate and graduate programs feature courses in traditional fields and techniques as well as distinctive offerings in environmental humanities, comics studies, medical humanities, disability studies, digital humanities, and the study of race and ethnicity.

Please search through our site or contact us to learn more about how you can join our efforts to read our culture and work toward social justice.

Featured Minor:  Digital Humanities LogoDigital Humanities

Open to students in all majors, the Digital Humanities Minor explores what happens when the humanities meets the digital age.


As a member of the University of Oregon community, you have the right to learn, work, and live in an environment free of discrimination and hate. We all have a responsibility to maintain an environment free of prohibited harassment and discrimination. Resources are readily available here on campus for all students, faculty, and staff: https://respect.uoregon.edu/. 

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Anika T Nykanen, Spring 2020 English Department Valedictorian

We are living through a decisive civil rights movement. Black Lives Matter protests have been held daily across the country for over three weeks. A march for Black trans lives in Brooklyn on June ...

black romantic revolution

Matt Sandler, author of The Black Romantic Revolution: Abolitionist Poets at the End of Slavery, Book Talk and Discussion Thursday, November 5th 12pm-2pm Zoom Link: ...

Effective June 15, 2020, the University of Oregon (UO) requires faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors across all UO locations to use face coverings, which include masks ( ...

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