Pass/No Pass Options for English Majors | Spring / Summer / Fall 2020

The UO Provost's office has recently announced changes in certain academic policies for Spring , Summer and Fall 2020 terms.

Among these changes is the allowance that students can change their grading option to P/NP for any Spring, Summer or Fall 2020 course. Changing to P/NP will not count against the limit of 12 P/NP credits and 168 required grading credits. In these cases, a special P* grade will be assigned to reflect this allowance.

In response to these changes, the English department is also adjusting certain grading policies for English majors. ENG courses that count toward the major can now be graded according to the above P/NP policies, meaning that the P* grade will count for ENG major credit. A C- or better is the minimum grade needed to receive a P*; if you receive a C- in an ENG course, you must apply for the P* grade in order to have the course count toward the ENG major.

The deadline to change grading options is July 16th for Spring 2020 courses, October 16th for Summer 2020 courses and January 16th, 2021 for Fall 2020 courses.

To take advantage of the P/NP policies for Fall 2020, be sure to complete the Grade Option Request Spring 2020 form. A link to the form can be found on the Registrar's website or via the direct link here.