Unbound Journal Now Accepting Submissions

Unbound Journal is currently accepting submissions for its 2020 Spring issue! Students are encouraged to submit all types of literary and visual art for consideration. All submissions will receive feedback and critique, regardless of whether or not they’re accepted. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Unbound accepts submissions of any genre (including musical scores), provided it follows the appropriate guidelines. Submission guidelines can be reviewed on Unbound’s official website.  

The submission review process is double-blind, ensuring that all work reviewed by Unbound staff and student editors is done so anonymously and without bias. As such, students interested in submitting their work must ensure that their name is removed from any file names/headers. 

The final deadline for submissions in the Spring 2020 issue is March 30, 2020

Additional Info:  

For more information about Unbound and their submission process, please visit their official website or reach out to unboundjournal@uoregon.edu.  

Previous issues of Unbound can be found in the journal’s archive or on Issuu