2018 CLLAS Symposium

Mar 8, 2018  9am–7:30pm

Symposium:  Justice Across Borders: Gender, Race, and Migration in the Americas  — Our thematic line of inquiry this year: America, Bridge Between Oceans poses the following questions: What happens when we put the Atlantic world in conversation with the Pacific? What kind of art and cultural production emerges? Which stories of struggles for racial, economic, gender and environmental justice arise?


the Latina Feminist Poetry collective based out off Los Angeles, California.

 March 9th 2018, 5 p.m.

Join UO Muxeres for a night of spoken word poetry by Chingona Fire, the Latina Feminist Poetry collective based out of Los Angeles, California. The collective is made up of Yesika Salgado a newly published author and Angelica Aguirre, both make a dynamic duo that speaks on education, empowerment, healing and so much more.


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