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June 7, 2012

Documenting Ourselves – Chinese Translation

Author:  Sharon Sherman

Sharon Sherman’s Documenting Ourselves, translated by Juwen Zhang for Central China Normal University (2011), is a readily accessible edition for Chinese scholars who wish to use film as a tool for documenting cultural heritage.

April 23, 2012

Documenting Ourselves: Film, Video, and Culture

Author:  Sharon Sherman

In Documenting Ourselves: Film, Video, and Culture, Sharon R. Sherman argues that advances in video technology have made the camcorder an essential tool that has already reshaped the ethnographic process and has the potential to redefine the nature of the documentary itself.

Western Folklore

Editors:  Sharon R. Sherman & Mikel Koven

Sharon R. Sherman and Mikel J. Koven are the editors of a special issue of Western Folklore on “Film and Folklore”.


Editors:  Sharon Sherman & Mikel Koven

Folklore/Cinema, edited by Sharon Sherman and Mikel Koven, looks at how movies, a popular culture medium, can also be a medium and type of folklore playing cultural roles and conveying meanings customarily found in other folkloric forms.