ENG 104: Global Short Stories

ENG 104: Global Short Stories

Instructor: Jose Cortez

CRN: 41403

Start date: August 16

Poe claimed that the short story is a superior literary form to the novel because short stories can be read in one sitting. As a novel can't be read in one sitting, Poe argued, it was inevitable that "[w]orldly interests intervening during the pauses of perusal" would shape or disrupt the reader's experience with the text. In the experience of reading a short story, on the other hand, "the sould of the reader is at the writer's control" because there are no distractions from the real world, so to speak.

We will read and closely study "global" short stories, written by authors from the US (of course a handful by Poe) and around the world. We will examie what it means to read in a way that is not interrupted by "worldly interests." We will approach reading of literature not only with the goal of becoming immersed in the text in order to forget about the "world" (we all need a break from reality sometimes) but as a way of helping us make sense of the "world."

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