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Scheduling Procedures for

College of Arts and Sciences


College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office

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This document provides scheduling procedures for events in College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) department-controlled spaces. It is not intended to change department use of department-controlled space.


These procedures are intended to support departmental users and non-departmental users in scheduling events. The procedures outlined below will be applied in a viewpoint neutral manner, regardless of anticipated perspectives or positions to be expressed at the event.




Student Organizations

Student Organizations listed below may use space and built-in equipment on campus free of charge, though charges may apply for extra labor or technology costs associated with events.


    • ASUO Recognized Student Organizations

ASUO Recognized Student Organizations are groups officially recognized by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) as having met the formal requirements for being a student organization. These organizations are eligible for student fee funding and must keep their OrgSync portals current.


    • UO Registered Student Organizations

UO Registered Student Organizations are organizations registered by the Center for Student Involvement as having met the formal requirements for being a student organization. These organizations are not eligible for student fee funding and must keep their OrgSync portals current.


    • UO Department Recognized Student Organizations

UO Department Recognized Student Organizations are organizations sanctioned by a UO college or academic department. Membership is typically comprised of students majoring in, or having an affinity for, a particular academic discipline.  These organizations are not eligible for student fee funding and must keep their OrgSync portals current.


    • Fraternity and Sorority Life Recognized Student Organizations

Fraternity and Sorority Life Recognized Student Organizations are typically UO-recognized local chapters of social Greek letter groups. These organizations are not eligible for student fee funding and must keep their OrgSync portals current.


UO Departments

UO Departments are officially recognized administrative or academic units of UO. UO Departments must have a current index code for all event related expenses.


Unaffiliated Users

Unaffiliated Users are any organization or individuals that are not recognized as Student Organizations or UO Departments. They must pay full rental rates for department controlled space, service and equipment and must provide a signed space use agreement, indemnification and proof of insurance prior to using UO space. Reservations may be made no more than 90 days in advance.




Events in Classroom Spaces

Registrar’s Office and SES scheduling policies apply to the use of classroom spaces.


Events in CAS Department Controlled Spaces

Requests for meetings or events in CAS controlled spaces must be made through the relevant individual departments. In the English Department, the Business Manager is the contact person, bowersm@uoregon.edu. Requests should be made sufficiently in advance to allow UO officials to make reasonable preparations for their intended use. Events may be restricted based on these policies and procedures.



Tabling is available only upon department approval and requires a reservation and confirmation. Departments reserve the right to refuse tabling in their spaces. Any tabling must meet the following criteria:

  • All table users must set up within their assigned space.
  • Tabling may not be booked to provide any service that violates existing UO retail services contracts (i.e. selling prepared foods, book sales, etc.).
  • No amplified sound or distribution of unpackaged food allowed.
  • Clients not staffing their tables may forfeit their table reservation privileges.



Signs and Chalking

Posting of signs and fliers inside buildings is under the control and direction of the department in charge of that space.  Material in department-controlled spaces and bulletin boards is restricted to material related to department activities.


Event Set-up and Decoration

Furniture in department-controlled spaces is generally set and may not be changed. Any requests to change furniture configuration must be made in advance, and the department reserved the right to deny such requests. Departments do not provide support moving furniture, so approved requests require the Client work with Campus Planning and Facilities Management (541-346-2319; workcontrolcenter@uoregon.edu) for appropriate setup/takedown.


Per UO policy, hand-out materials may not be left on public furniture, taped to doors or walls, or left in public spaces outside the event space or venue. Unless specifically approved in advance, the following items are prohibited in scheduled spaces:


  • Helium balloons
  • Candles (or open flames or any flame producing devices) for events in any UO building, excepting approved wick-fuel/gel pan heating devices (Sterno fuel) for use by catering services. Battery operated lights are allowed.
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Straw, grass, or hay
  • Pools, tubs, aquariums, or other water containers holding more than 5 gallons of water


All decorations must be approved by the department prior to the event and removed and properly disposed of by the end of the event.


Food Service, Indoor Sound, and Film, Photography & Videography

In accordance with UO’s Food Service Agreement, UO Catering (541-346-4303, catering@uoregon.edu) is granted the exclusive right to operate and provide daily and catered food services to all non-Athletics spaces on campus. All alcohol service must be approved by UO Catering.


The department may require events to reduce sound level if the sound is plainly audible from within another classroom or the sound of the event otherwise interferes with academic activities of the department. Sound levels of events scheduled indoors may be restricted at any time if a potential conflict exists with a previously-scheduled event, classes, or other academic uses of department facilities. Events are required to reduce sound level if directed to do so by the department.


Event hosts are responsible for securing consent to photograph or videotape attendees and participants, if applicable. All requests for commercial photography and video on campus must be approved by University Communications and requests typically require a written agreement with the University prior to engaging in these activities. For more information, see: http://digital.uoregon.edu/brand/film-and-video-production#URL


Event Security and Safety

Some events may be considered higher risk than others and may require a security and safety meeting or risk assessment. Per UO policy, events that meet one of the following criteria, as determined by the department in charge of the space, require a meeting with Safety & Risk Services and UOPD:  attendees are expected to exceed 250 people; there is likelihood of violence or civil unrest; the complexity of the event requires the involvement of multiple campus administrative partners; or unique events that require additional risk assessment and action to protect the health and safety of the campus community. Security and safety meetings are held, or a risk assessment is conducted, to determine whether the nature and scope of an event is likely to require the presence of UO Police Department (UOPD), the presence of UO Fire Marshal, or other public safety measures and/or plans. Security meetings will typically involve the event organizer, someone from the department, and representatives from UOPD and Safety and Risk Services.


UO Safety and Risk Services, safety@uoregon.edu helps coordinate assessment and development of a safety protocol for the event. If the department, the CAS Dean’s Office, or UO Safety and Risk Services, or other relevant partners determine the University cannot appropriately manage the event to prevent serious threats to campus health and safety, the University reserves the right to deny space on this basis.



In the event of the unforeseen closure of the University for inclement weather, security emergencies or other reasons, the University reserves the right to cancel events scheduled during such period. In the event of an unforeseen closure, the Client will have the option to either reschedule the event to a later date, or cancel the event without penalty for a full refund of space rental. All other costs associated with the event, including UO support services (UOPD, Parking and Transportation, UO Catering, etc.) and third-party external vendor rentals are the sole responsibility of the Client.




Department-controlled spaces in CAS generally do not charge fees to Student Organizations or UO Departments. Fees for Unaffiliated Groups are set in accordance with existing scheduling and facilities protocols. However, fees may be charged to any group using the space in the following circumstances:

  • If extra cleaning is needed after the room use (e.g. the removal of trash left on furniture or floors, spraying clean the walls or furniture, shampooing carpets or if extra floor care is required).
  • A change in furniture configuration is requested within two business days of the start of the event.
  • Extra personnel, security, equipment or resources are necessary to accommodate your event at your request.




The University of Oregon is committed to providing access, equal opportunty, and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education, and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request a disability accommodation, contact:


For Students:

The Accessible Education Center

5278 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-5278

Office: Oregon Hall, Suite 360

P: 541-346-1155

F: 541-346-6013





Jen Mirabile

Sr. HR Programs Coordinator






Please refer to UO policies on firearms, weapons, animals on campus, insurance requirements, and political advocacy.




Any Client that seeks to challenge the application of these Procedures and Practices may appeal in writing within 10 calendar days of the decision to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office.  The appeal should specify the Procedure or Practice challenged, and the requested resolution.