Welcome to our resources page, where you can find helpful links to department forms, affiliated writing centers, research guides, teaching resources, and more.

  1. The English Major
  2. Exploring Careers
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The English Major

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Explore Careers

  • UO English Alumni Network
    • This blog can help you connect with department alumni who are thriving in a wide array of careers.
  • Dear English Major
    • This website can help you explore the many careers for which English majors are uniquely qualified. It also houses a blog centered on the lives of English majors.
  • UO Career Center
    • The Career Center's advisors and blog posts can help you brainstorm career pathways, identify internships, and connect with other students and alumni.

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Reading, Writing, Learning


  • Writing Associates
    • WA offers free, appointment-based peer tutoring to students taking lower-division English (ENG), Composition (WR), and Clark Honors College (HC) classes
  • Center for Teaching Writing
    • CTW offers free, appointment-based tutoring to students in lower-division Composition (WR) classes
  • Sky Studio
    • The UO Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) offers free, walk-in math and writing tutoring to all university students
    • Sky Studio is located on the 4th floor of the Knight Library

Dictionaries, Grammar Guides, Style Manuals

  • Purdue OWL
    • OWL offers helpful information about formatting papers and citing sources in MLA 8 (for undergraduates) and APA 6; OWL also provides helpful tutorials for grammar, style, and other sentence-level concerns
  • UNC Writing Center Handouts
    • UNC offers helpful information about an array of documents you might prepare in and outside of the English major
  • Oxford English Dictionary
    • This is the definitive source on the history of the English language.
  • Wheeler’s Dictionary of Literary Vocabulary
    • This source is a comprehensive and surprisingly accessible dictionary of the key terms, movements, and analytic strategies you will encounter in literary study

Undergraduate Research Support

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Teaching Support

  • Inclusive Pedagogies Research Interest Group
    • The Inclusive Pedagogies RIG meets twice each term to discuss current research in support of student writers from diverse backgrounds.
    • No preparation is required; the group reads together, then discusses the material.
    • All are invited. To find out more, email Emily Simnitt and/or Jenée Wilde.
  • Teaching Engagement Program
    • This site sponsors workshops and other campus resources for developing inclusive, research-led teaching practices.

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Blogs and Social Media

  • UO English on Facebook
  • UO English on Twitter
  • UO English on YouTube
  • UO English on Instagram
  • DH@UO
    • This blog, created by our own Professor Heidi Kaufman, features some of the innovative work happening in UO's DH minor and in digital humanities at large.
  • Vita Readings
    • This website houses “Lit from the Basement,” a free podcast in which Danielle Cadena Deulen (Associate Professor of English, Willamette University) introduces her not-especially-literary husband, Max, to contemporary poetry.
    • The podcast is a fun, engaging way to introduce students to close reading and literary interpretation.

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