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19th Century British Literary Studies

19th Century British Literary Studies Links

(The portrait to the right is Beata Beatrix, painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti in 1863. It portrays the death of Beatrice from Dante'sThe Divine Comedy. This painting also reflects Rossetti's grief after the death of his wife, Elisabeth Siddal, the model for Beatrice, painted from memory after her death.) There are innumerable resources in the literature and culture of the 19th century. Cited below are a couple of encyclopedic indices (great places to start browsing), followed by a handful of sites of singular interest.   More about 19th Century British Literary Studies

19th Century Indices

Beyond these fine indices, there is a nice page called Project Bartleby which has texts and links for Keats, Melville, Shelley, Wilde and other 19th Century icons. Many other 19th Century texts can be viewed at Representative Poetry, a terrific virtual library which has a chronological sort function.

19th Century Sites of Interest


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