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Books: Slavery and the Politics of Place: The Colonial Caribbean, 1770-1833 (2015); Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies (2013); Travel Writing 1700-1830 (2005); Women Travel Writers and the Language of Aesthetics, 1716-1818 (1995).  

Sample Essays and Chapters: "Age of Peregrination: Travel Writing and the Eighteenth-Century Novel" in Blackwell Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel and Culture;"A Long Way From Home: Slavery, Travel, and Imperial Geography in The History of Mary Prince" in Women on the Verge of Home; "The Picturesque Plantation in Matthew Lewis's Journal of a West India Proprietor" in European Romantic Review; "The Gentleman Planter and the Metropole: Long's History of Jamaica" in The Country and the City Revisited: England and the Politics of Culture, 1560-1840.


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Women Travel Writers and the Language of Aesthetics: 1716 – 1818

Elizabeth Bohls’s Women Travel Writers and the Languages of Aesthetics; 1716-1818 expands our awareness of women’s intellectual presence in Romantic literature and suggests Romanticism’s sources might be at the peripheries of empire rather than at its center.


Term CRN Course Section Title Fulfills Syllabus
Fall 2022 12094 ENG 645 18th-Century Literature Topic: The Black Atlantic Graduate Studies N/A