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University of Oregon

Alison Lau Stephens

Alison Lau Stephens, Instructor, teaches  WR 121e: College Composition for international students. The goal of the course is to provide the same core skills of argumentative writing as in other sections of WR 121 but with additional support in English language learning.

In collaboration with the directors of the composition, she is currently investigating how the Composition Program can better meet the needs of international students at UO. The task force’s research is driven by questions of classroom praxis, particularly how to support Composition teachers in their work with non-native speakers of English.

Alison completed her M.A. in English at UO in spring 2013. Her research interests included nineteenth-century poetry and place attachment. During her graduate career, she received the Dan Kimble First Year Teaching Award sponsored by the Graduate School and the Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP), which recognizes outstanding teaching performances by GTFs in their first year of classroom experience and acknowledges a GTF’s investment in professional development.

Before coming to Oregon, Alison worked at an international secondary school in Hong Kong for several years and completed teacher training with an emphasis on multicultural classrooms at the University of Toronto.