Susan Weeber - Talking Back to Film: Black Cinematic Poetry

Join us for an event with Susan Weeber on Friday, May 14 at Noon

"Talking Back to Film: Black Cinematic Poetry"


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Join us to hear about the work Susan Weeber has done between 2018 and 2021 as the Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ethnic American Literatures and Cultural Productions at the University of Oregon. She will talk broadly about her book project, Poetics of Interruption: Media and Form in Black Radical Literature, before sharing from the final chapter, “Talking Back to Film: Black Cinematic Poetry.” There will be plenty of time afterward for Q&A. The talk will examine the intermedial work of Tisa Bryant and Tracie Morris, work that mines collisions between film and writing, making readers more aware of reading and viewing practices and drawing them into re-seeing racial formation and its connection with visual culture. Bryant’s Unexplained Presence (2007) and Morris’s Handholding: 5 Kinds (2016) meditate on the absence of visible blackness in white popular culture and pull back the curtains on the visual construction and operation of race—the way race is formed, crystallized, or re-formed in visual culture, and the ways that readers and viewers tacitly participate in or learn to critically challenge this process. They draw attention to the dominance of the visual in approaches to and understandings of race. Ultimately, their experimental, intermedial work undercuts visual and racial referentiality, drawing our attention to what film and visual culture cut or withhold from view. Morris and Bryant get under the surface of images, exposing the gap between surface and meaning in an effort to chip away at representational theories of race.