Meet Our English Alumni: Olivia Atmore

Meet Our English Alumni: Olivia Atmore

As a junior who was getting nervous about the fact that I have never had an official internship before and was interested in publishing, a field that notoriously requires internship experience, I came to Dr. Upton in a panic. Fortunately, he was able to connect me with Olivia Atmore, a relatiely recent UO English alum. Talking with Oliva actually took place before the conception of this project but it played a large role in inspiring it. I wanted to know about the steps she took after graduation, how she made contacts in the industry, what experience at UO helped facilitate her entry to the job she has now, if she still has time to read for fun, if it might be possible for me to follow a similar path, etc., etc.. 

I found that talking with Olivia was wildly helpful. Not only because she could answer those questions, but because she was a solid, tangible example of someone with my same degree and similar passions making it in the ‘real world’.

Q: How long was the publishing program you attended at Columbia University after graduating from UO?

A: It was a four week program -- the typical program is six weeks but the 2020 program I was enrolled in changed to four because of its virtual format.

Q: Were you involved in any clubs or programs at UO?

A: Yes! Not only was I a part of the English Department’s literary journal, Unbound, but I was the Pollinator Outreach Chair for the Student Sustainability Center. With that I ran the UO Bee Friendly Committee which is commited to protecting pollinators on campus (we even put beehives on campus!).

(Read more about Olivia here)