Projected Seminars

PROJECTED SEMINARS IN ENGLISH, 2020-21 (subject to change)

Fall 2020

ENG 607: Nonfiction Comics*, Kate Kelp-Stebbins

ENG 608: Workshop: Publication (taken w/5cr ENG 605), Mary Wood

ENG 608: Workshop: Job Search, Mark Quigley

ENG 660: Black Supernatural*, Faith Barter

ENG 670: Decolonial Irish Literature*, Mark Quigley

ENG 690: Introduction to Graduate Studies, Mary Wood


Winter 2021


ENG 615: Theories of Coloniality*, José Cortez

ENG 645: The Black Atlantic*, Liz Bohls

ENG 660: Autobiography and Memoir*, Mary Wood

ENG 695: Film Studies: Media Industries and Fans*, Erin Hanna


Spring 2021

ENG 614: Introduction to Literary & Cultural Theory, José Cortez

ENG 630: Gender Queer Early Modern*, Lara Bovilsky

ENG 660: Theories of the Commons*, Stephanie LeMenager

ENG 660: Studies in Race and Ethnicity*, Sharon Luk

ENG 670: Virginia Woolf, Helen Southworth


Courses marked * qualify as meeting requirements for the Politics, Culture, and Identity Specialization