Major I: Foundations of the Major

Foundations of the English Major courses are for students beginning the major and for those seriously considering it, the ENG 301-2-3 sequence provides a common intellectual experience for majors and a foundation for future studies in English, American, and Anglophone literatures, media, and folklore.  A full year of study in the Foundations sequence is intended to give English majors a solid background in the theory, key debates, and critical reading practices of the discipline as well as a sense of the history of the different kinds of texts we study, from the Medieval period to the present.


Bovilsky, Lara; Peppis, Paul; Saunders, Ben

ENG 302 is the second part of the year-long Foundations of the English Major series, but may be taken even if students have not taken... (read more)


Peppis, Paul

ENG 301 is the first part of the year-long Foundations of the English Major series. English 301 will study literary and cultural texts with a focus on the following questions: What is a cultural context? How are cultural contexts tied to the historical imagination? To answer these questions,... (read more)


Ginsberg, Warren; Kaufman, Heidi

English 302 is one course of a three-course sequence that offers students an introduction to the discipline of English as it is practiced at the University of Oregon, encompassing the broad range of fields, forms, and textual concerns addressed by department researchers. Designed for students... (read more)