Disability Studies Minor

Disability Studies courses focus on how ableism (anti-disability prejudice) operates in different nations and how disability intersects with other forms of identity like gender, class, nationality, and race in complex and varied patterns.  Courses draw from fields like international development, health professions, design, sign language interpreting, education, and non-profit management.


Wheeler, Elizabeth (Betsy)

This theater class is a great chance to branch out into creative work and community involvement. UO students create and perform a play together with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Eugene-Springfield community. Tell stories from your life, work on the script,... (read more)


Wheeler, Elizabeth (Betsy)

One could say that most comics are about the human body, in all its variations, exaggerations, erotics, poses, powers, and vulnerabilities. This course looks at the human body in contemporary comics with particular attention to disability and gender. We’ll read 4 comics genres: anime, memoir,... (read more)