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Winter 2020
FLR 607
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Magic in the Middle Ages

Martha Bayless

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  • Title: Professor, English
  • Additional Title: Director, Folklore and Public Culture
  • Phone: 541-346-3930
  • Office: 344 PLC
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In this course we will examine how medieval culture defined magic, how magic reflects the medieval understanding of the universe, and the legacy of medieval magic in the modern world. The materials will cover medieval western Europe, with a focus on England. Topics will include magical practice, supernatural creatures such as elves, fairies, and magical animals, the relationship between magic and religion, the beginning of the witch era, case studies of specific people charged with using magic, such as Joan of Arc, and what magic can tell us about people’s relationship with their world. This course also relates to the upcoming exhibit on the history of magic at the UO Museum of Natural & Cultural History, and there will be a unit exploring ways to present the history of magic to audiences, as well as a chance to intern designing the exhibit.