FLR350 201701 Undergraduate

Fall 2017
FLR 350
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The Bible & Folklore

Dianne Dugaw

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  • Title: Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-1496
  • Office: 458 PLC
  • Office Hours: Not teaching spring term, no office hours; Grad students send email
Department Section Description: 

This course brings together readings of the Bible in the Judeo-Christian tradition with apt mythological, folkloristic, and traditional contexts, concepts, theories, and meanings. We will read sections of the Bible that have continuing presence in Western culture and literature, exploring how these are shaped by orality and performance practices, and carry ongoing symbolic and narrative meaning. In addition to reading narrative, lyrical, prophetic, and epistolary sections of the King James English Bible, we will take a folkloristic approach in studying these accounts as a complex tradition of mythic and narrative patterns, heroic images, poetic and legendary modes and conventions, and ethical and legal prescriptions that have, from the beginning persisted as orally transmitted materials and continue to permeate our cultural and ethical practices, beliefs, and traditions.