ENG513 201903 Graduate

Spring 2020
ENG 513
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Theories of Literacy

Emily Simnitt

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  • Title: Career Instructor, Multilingual Writing Specialist
  • Additional Title: Associate Director of Composition
  • Phone: 541-346-3517
  • Office: 301E Tykeson Hall
  • Office Hours: S20: M 12-1:30, W 12-1:30 (Students), T 12-1, R 11-12 (Instructors); M 12-1:30: Drop-In Office Hours on Zoom at https:\\uoregon.zoom.us/my/emilysimnitt. W 12-1:30: Email, Canvas Chat. T 12-1, R 11-12: Drop-In Writing Instructor Hours on Zoom or by email.
Department Section Description: 

Theories of Literacy is a course in Community Literacy. Together, we will read and discuss theories of literacy developed in the fields of education, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, rhetoric, and others. Individually, you will identify a site of literacy that has moved online during COVID-19 pandemic to observe. 

In successfully completing the course, you will be able to: describe key concepts in explanations (theories) of how reading and writing (literacies) function and are valued in higher education and community contexts; use participatory action research and the principles of reciprocity to ethically participate in literacy activism; draw on literacy theory and concepts to analyze real-world literacy practices observed in literacy sites; critically evaluate regulations and “standards” relevant to literacy sites in terms of equity, access, social justice, and agency; develop recommendations for future literacy-related policy and intervention to increase access to education and civic opportunities.