ENG330 201403 Undergraduate

Spring 2015
ENG 330
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Oral Controversy and Advocacy
Department Section Description: 

ENG 330 – Oral Controversy and Advocacy asks students to observe, analyze, evaluate, and practice effective oral argumentation in controversial matters of public concern, alongside the study and discussion of fundamental theories of rhetoric. For our purposes, oral advocacy is an act of inquiry and a search for shared understanding, not a debate tournament with winners and losers. Dialogic engagement is essential. This means you have to listen as carefully as you speak. Students will develop practices of listening, speaking, responding, discussing, and researching to enhance their invention of arguments and their positions as informed advocates in a discourse community of thinkers and inquirers. Further, students will cultivate habits of noting, examining, and responding to the various and multiple reasonable and unreasonable positions one can take on controversial matters. To discern what divides “reasonable” and “unreasonable” will be our ongoing challenge.