ENG106 202104 Undergraduate

Summer 2022
ENG 106
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Works representing the principal literary genres.

Introduction to Literature: Poetry

Anna Carroll

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  • Title: Senior Instructor
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This course takes readers on a journey through the history of one of the world's oldest forms of artistic expression: poetry. From the battlefields of classical epics to the stages of slam poets, from the Japanese haiku to the Italian sonnet, from Shakespeare to Kendrick Lamar, this class will give students an overview of enduring poems and fresh approaches to lyricism and style. We will read together, practicing valuable interpretation skills, and students will have chances to put their knowledge to use both in their own poetic attempts and in multimodal scholarly analysis. This class is about knowing where poetry comes from so that we can appreciate how it is alive and well in all kinds of non-traditional places. Students need no prior education in poetry--just open minds and enthusiasm.


A & L

Arts & Letters (A&L) courses create meaningful opportunities for students to engage actively in the modes of inquiry that define a discipline. Courses are broad in scope and demonstrably liberal in nature (that is, courses that promote open inquiry from a variety of perspectives). Though some courses may focus on specialized subjects or approaches, there will be a substantial course content locating that subject in the broader context of the major issues of the discipline. Qualifying courses will not focus on teaching basic skills but will require the application or engagement of those skills through analysis and interpretation.

Lower-Division Elective

Lower-division Elective courses allow students to choose (or “elect”) courses or faculty specific to their own developing interests, enabling them thereby to shape their own educational experience.  Major II students can also use one lower-division elective to fulfill the Writing Requirement with ENG 209 The Craft of the Sentence.

English Minor

English Minor courses offer students centuries of cultural experience and representation in poetry, prose, drama, film, TV, new media, and folk artifacts.  The English minor can focus and extend the values of a liberal arts education, while also providing extensive training in writing, speaking, and critical thinking.