ENG 265 201701 Undergraduate

Fall 2017
ENG 265
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Cinema Studies: HISTORY OF THE MOTION PICTURE: Part I, 1894-1932
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COURSE OBJECTIVES: This is the first of a three-term sequence that studies how cinema historically evolved as both an institution and an art form. The aim of the course is to explore the history of world cinema’s beginnings and develop the critical and analytic skills to analyze particular film works and movements.
By the end of this class you will be able to:
1) Explain basic concepts of cinema’s development as an industrialized art form
2) Historically and nationally contextualize motion pictures made between 1894-1930 in terms of technology, aesthics and cultural history
3) Identify and analyze clips from key films using the aforementioned approaches to film history
4) Compose and articulate research questions and statements to begin historically analyzing a motion picture



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