ENG 209 201701 Undergraduate

Fall 2017
ENG 209
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Craft of the Sentence
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Grammar is the language we use to talk about language. It’s a tool for describing how written sentences work and figuring out and explaining why they don’t work. In this course you’ll learn the language of grammar: the technical terms and the conceptual principles needed to describe the grammatical structure of sentences. You’ll learn sentence diagramming in order to help see the patterns behind grammatical concepts. We will pay careful attention not only to the rules of grammar but also to the logic behind those rules. Furthermore, you will learn about the historical development of some of those rules–why, for instance, English sentences are punctuated the way they are, why the passive voice should be avoided, and whether it is acceptable to ever split an infinitive. Along the way, we’ll consider further questions about the nature of spoken vs. written language, dialects, and standardized language. As we will see, knowledge of grammatical concepts can help writers think through and revise their own written ideas more effectively.