Course Highlight: Literature and Digital Culture

This summer, students have the opportunity to study how digital technologies can be used to study literature and expand our understanding of the world. In ENG 250 — Literature and Digital Culture, the “tech-curious” can experience a guided introduction to the new technologies that shape what we can learn about and from literature in a digital, global world. 

In this course, students will gain practical skills in digital technology and apply course concepts to our understanding of social inequity, cultural belonging, and climate change. Course readings include the 2020-2021 UO Common Reading selection Clade, the work of journalist Elizabeth Rush, and other relevant material. 

This course fulfills lower-division elective credits for the English Major and the Old Major, credits for the English and Digital Humanities minors, and an Arts & Letters general requirement. 

Course Details: 
ENG 250 — Literature and Digital Culture 
CRN 41835 

For more information, contact Emily Simnitt. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Summer 2020 class schedule!