Course Highlight: Media Aesthetics

This summer, students can deep-dive into the realm of using moving images to analyze form and style in cinema and related media. Analysis will focus primarily on narrative, mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound, with students using critical tools developed throughout the class to better understand the individual and overarching elements that allow us to ascribe meaning to moving pictures. 

In this course, students will develop their media literacy, using critical tools to analyze moving image and sound, as well as the ways that artistic and social conventions intersect with ideology to shape the meaning of media texts. 

This course fulfills lower-division elective credits for the English Major and the Old Major, as well as credits for the English and Digital Humanities minors. 

Course Details: 
ENG 260M — Media Aesthetics 
CRN 43660 

For more information, contact Sangita Gopal. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Summer 2020 class schedule!