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University of Oregon

Honors Program

MP900309617The English Honors Program is designed for outstanding English majors interested in the intensive study of literature and culture in small discussion seminars and in independent exploration of a special topic of their own choosing under the guidance of a faculty member. An honors thesis is expected to make a substantial and persuasive argument situated within, and contributing to, current critical debates while demonstrating exceptional verbal clarity and sophistication. The honors thesis may be either a critical essay of 35-50 pages or a substantial piece of creative writing.

The English Honors Program is open to English Majors who have completed all lower-division major requirements, including the Introduction to the Major Sequence (ENG 220, 221, 222) and at least two upper-division English courses and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.7 in their English classes. Admission is decided by the English Department Curriculum Committee and is based upon the applicant’s academic record, thesis proposal, and two English Department faculty recommendations. Students may reapply to the English Honors Program one time, but no later than the last term of their junior year.

English Honors Program Informational PDF and Web Page


Thelma and Stanley Greenfield Award for the best English Honors Thesis to be listed soon!