Undergraduate Program

The Department of English offers an undergraduate major leading to a bachelor’s degree, as well as several minors for students pursuing other majors. Undergraduate courses in English provide broad knowledge of the field as a part of the program of liberal arts education offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. They also lay a solid foundation in literature, media studies, research, and writing to students interested in professional graduate training in English or in careers in a variety of fields.

Watch this video to learn what it’s like to study English at the UO:

Why Major in English?

If you’re visiting this page, chances are that you love books and reading.  The future for English grads looks bright: employers, more than ever, want candidates who possess strong writing and communication skills:

Employers Want Humanities Majors

In fact, a recent issue of Cascade, the magazine of the UO College of Arts & Sciences, highlighted how a recruiter for a financial services company was looking for English majors to join his organization. He had this to say:

The ideal skill set for the position is someone who had majored in English literature – a student who has read about life and its seasons, who is a rigorous and adaptable thinker, who is a good communicator. That kind of person is able to approach problems in a way that someone who is only technically trained cannot.

Regardless of if you think graduate work in literature or work in finance or any number of fields is in your future, perhaps the best reason to major in English is to set yourself apart. An English major offers you skills in reading, writing, researching, organizing, responding, arguing, and most importantly, analysis – abilities we need now more than ever. The skills you learn as an English major never grow obsolete, as the ability to understand and shape language is one of the most essential parts of being human. Studying language and literature via our newly revamped English major not only allows you to gain a deep historical understanding of culture, history, and prose from across the globe, but also the expertise to interpret new modes of reading in our digital age.

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