Changes to Our Foundations Courses

Please click to read a message from Professor Gordon Sayre regarding the arrangement of the Foundations to the English Major.

May 2019

The English Department recently received University approval to change the arrangement of courses in the Foundations of the English Major.

Below is a message from English's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Gordon Sayre:

The U of O Committee on Courses recently approved an English department proposal to change the Foundations of the English Major course series. For the 2019-2020 academic year new course numbers will be in place, and the series of the three courses will change. The Faculty teaching the Foundations courses this year decided to change the series in response to requests by students. The new course numbers are:
*ENG 303: Text in Fall term 
*ENG 304: Context in Winter term
*ENG 305: Theory in Spring term
In planning for Fall term registration it is important that students who have already taken one or two parts of the series know how to complete it next year. Students who have taken ENG 303: Text this spring or in spring term 2018 or 2017 should not enroll in ENG 303 again. 
Students who have taken ENG 301: Context in Fall 2018 or earlier should not enroll in ENG 304: Context; and those who have taken ENG 302: Theory should not enroll in ENG 305: Theory. Please pay attention to the names: Text, Context, Theory and enroll in the course or courses you have not yet completed.
There are some English majors who have completed one or two courses in the old Introduction to the Major series, ENG 220-222. Those students can take any one or two courses in the new series, ENG 303-305, to make three total.
Also, please be forewarned that the entry for ENG 303 in Fall 2019 on the Classes website has not yet been updated. As of May 16th it still appeared with the line: "Pre-Req: ENG 301 or 302.” This an error that we are working to fix.
The “Prereqs/Comments” line should instead should read “Prereq/Coreq: ENG 205” and not refer to other courses in the Foundations series, which may be taken in any order, although we encourage students to begin in Fall term and complete the series in one academic year. 
The English Undergraduate Coordinator Karen McClain will soon have revised English major worksheets printed with the new course numbers and pre-requisite information, and advisors will also have these worksheets soon.

Gordon Sayre
Professor of English and Folklore
Director of Undergraduate Studies, English
President, Society of Early Americanists

Please feel free to contact us for more informaton about these changes. Follow these links to our faculty advisors and to our Undergraduate Coordinator, Karen McClain.