Behind-the-Scenes at Unbound Journal

Unbound Journal conducted its 11th year at the University of Oregon during the 2019-2020 academic year. The premier student-run literary arts journal on campus, we had a staff of fourteen talented students from all areas of university studies. Journalism, biology, English, comparative literature, arts, all were represented in the Unbound staff this year. Exclusively accepting submissions from UO students, we used a double-blind process for reviewing and editing submissions, so no editor was biased in their decision to accept or reject another student’s work. 

This year, we took the journal to new heights. Instead of the typical biannual publication schedule, the staff pushed its limits to publish three separate issues this year, one per term. Additionally, we expanded our staff and departments. We created a visual arts department and opened the submissions to accept a wide range of visual arts including photos of sculptures and music scripts. 

Our first issue this fall was digital, since we worked within a tight time frame, but we expected to have print issues for the Winter and Spring. Due to Covid-19 and students leaving campus, we were forced to publish all issues digitally. We worked hard on making our layout as professional and upgraded as possible to compensate for the loss of print. We published the Winter issue in March of 2020 and the Spring issue in June of 2020, all online through the company Issuu.

The Unbound staff this year made the journal as successful as it was. We have such passion for the journal and dedication to publishing, that we were able to amplify the on-campus presence of Unbound. We hope to take the journal to new places in the years to come, by reimagining and expand the publications.  


Story by Olivia Atmore, Editor-in-Chief