Course Offerings

Course Highlight: Introduction to Chicanx/Latinx Literature

This summer, students have the opportunity to explore the diverse world of Chicanx/Latinx literature, examining the various cultural movements and concepts that shape the authors’ stories and styles. Through analyzing the work of authors from various Latinx identities, students can discover the formal, thematic, and cultural diversity woven into each story. 

Course Highlight: Women Writers' Forms

This summer, students can examine the concept of “idyllic childhood” through a feminist lens, exploring how women writers use the coming-of-age narrative to illustrate the diverse experiences of growing up in the United States. In ENG 316 — Women Writers’ Forms, interested students will analyze a series of novels by women authors to see how their unique perspectives add to the reality of growing up “girl.” 

Course Highlight: Literature and Digital Culture

This summer, students have the opportunity to study how digital technologies can be used to study literature and expand our understanding of the world. In ENG 250 — Literature and Digital Culture, the “tech-curious” can experience a guided introduction to the new technologies that shape what we can learn about and from literature in a digital, global world. 

Course Highlight: Thoreau


This Spring, students have the opportunity to learn about “the Thoreau you don’t know,” deep-diving into the works of Thoreau, and exploring the ways in which his remarkable literary career intersected with his famously reclusive personal life. In this course, students will study Thoreau’s twenty-year literary career and his various social and political philosophies.  

Course Highlight: Theories of Literacy

In this course, students will explore the various ways in which reading and writing work in a global, digital world and what that means for local communities. The course covers competing explanations and theories of how literacy works and is valued, and encourages students to critically reflect on how these theories intersect with community experience and propose solutions for improved access to literacy. 

Course Highlight: Living Writers

This Spring, students have the unique opportunity to participate in a special studies course that explores contemporary creative writing and the concepts of ownership and authorship of texts. In Miriam Gershow’s upcoming Living Writers class, students will read and discuss a memoir, a short story collection, a creative nonfiction book, and a graphic novel before bringing their observations an


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