ENG 381M: Film, Media, & Culture

ENG 381M: Film, Media, & Culture

Instructor: Allison McGuffie

CRN: 41410

12-13:50 MTWR

Start date: June 21

This section of ENG/CINE 381M, taught by Dr. Allison McGuffie, is conceptualized around gender on film, engaging pertinent questions in the intellectual history of feminist film theory and its intersectional manifestations, including Black feminist film criticism, Indigenous women and cinema, and transgender representations in cinema.

Through close analysis of films, including student favorites Gilda, Hidden Figures, Rhymes for Young Ghouls, and Tangerine, you will gain knowledge of a wide range of theoretical arguments regarding gender and gender on film, be exposed to diverse examples of genders and various ways they are represented on film, develop a complex understanding of the gaze and the spectator in cinema, and ultimately be inspired to critically analyze gendered representations in media texts in the world around you.

ENG 381M McGuffie