ENG 381M: Film, Media and Culture

ENG 381M

Film, Media, and Culture

CRN 41240

10-11:50 MTWR

Starts August 16

Instructor: Steve Rust

This course studies works of film and media as representational objects that engage with communities identified by intersectional categories including sex, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nation, class, and ability. It considers historical and contemporary effects of prejudice, intolerance, and discrimination on media and filmmaking practices and modes of reception, as well as alternative strategies that promote cultural understanding and a valuing of diversity.

ENG 381 satisfies the Arts and Letters group requirement by actively engaging students in the ways the discipline of film and media studies has been shaped by the study of a broad range of identity categories and by promoting an understanding of cinema as an art form intimately intertwined with its various social contexts. ENG 381 also satisfies the United States Difference, Inequality, and Agency cultural literacy requirement by enabling students to develop scholarly insight into cinematic representational strategies.

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