ENG 106 Introduction to Literature: Poetry

ENG 106: Introduction to Literature: Poetry

Instructor: Eleanor Wakefield

CRN: 41404

Start date: July 19

ENG 106 is an introduction to poetry, one of the major genres in literary studies. Through careful analysis of poems by major writers, students will be challenged to explain not only what a given poem might mean to its readers, but also how a poem communicates meaning differently than a work of fiction, drama, or some other mode of literary expression. ENG 106 is not a comprehensive introduction to the traditions of English and American poetry; it is, rather, a series of intensive exercises designed to equip students with the analytical tools needed to read, discuss, and write about poetry effectively. Weekly readings are relatively short but demanding, and students will do a substantial amount of critical writing, including formal essays totaling at least 8-10 pages. As a basic introduction to a major genre in the field of literary studies, this course satisfies the university's Group Requirement in the Arts and Letters category. It is not recommended for English Majors, who are encouraged to enroll in the department's more historically oriented and comprehensive Introduction to the English Major sequence, ENG 220-222

In ENG 106 you will:

Gain exposure to a variety of poets, poems, and poetic devices through daily reading assignments. 

Practice ways of reading poetry in order to gain a personal sense of purpose when approaching a new poem. 

Connect poems to other genres and media types to see the unique contributions poetic form and devices make to creating an impression or telling a story. 

Develop a general of sense of poetic and literary history in the English-speaking world. 

Practice reading poems aloud, gaining fluency and agency in interpretation and performance. 

Explore our own poetic interests through personalized final projects. 

Fulfills: English major lower-division elective

ENG 106