2018 Summer Course // ENG 110: Intro to Film and Media

Second 4-week Session,  July 23-August 19,  Mon.-Thurs., 1000-1150 
Instructor: Stephen Rust,    CRN 42422

Earn an Arts & Letters requirement by watching a variety of modern and classic films and television shows, including Get Out and Harry Potter.

People respond to movies in different ways, and there are many reasons for this. We have all stood in the lobby of a theater and heard conflicting opinions from people who have just seen the same film. Some loved it, some hated it, some found it just OK. Disagreements, however, can reveal a great deal about the assumptions underlying these various responses. In this course we will see that there are many ways of thinking about movies and approaches that we can use to analyze them. We will cover key aspects of film theory and history in the spirit of intellectual investigation of the most exciting aspects of contemporary visual culture. Overall, the goal of this course is to introduce you to the basic skills necessary for a critical knowledge of the movies as art, culture, and industry. We will also consider the relationship between movies and other forms of media such as tv, radio, and the internet. We will watch a variety of modern and classic films and television shows intended to provoke fun class discussions
and group activities


Fields of Focus: