Course Highlight: Theories of Literacy

In this course, students will explore the various ways in which reading and writing work in a global, digital world and what that means for local communities. The course covers competing explanations and theories of how literacy works and is valued, and encourages students to critically reflect on how these theories intersect with community experience and propose solutions for improved access to literacy. 

Students who enroll in this class alongside internship credits in ENG 404 will gain real-world experience with community literacy, engaging directly with concepts discussed in class. They’ll also earn valuable resume-building writing and communication skills through connecting with local communities. 

This course fulfills the ENG D: Theory/Rhetoric requirement for the English major, ENG D: Literary Theory/Criticism for the Old English Major, credits for the WSCR Certificate, and credits for the English and WSCR minors.  

Course Details: 
ENG 413 — Theories of Literacy 
CRN 36512 

For more information, contact Emily Simnitt. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Spring 2020 class schedule!