Course Highlight: Living Writers

This Spring, students have the unique opportunity to participate in a special studies course that explores contemporary creative writing and the concepts of ownership and authorship of texts. In Miriam Gershow’s upcoming Living Writers class, students will read and discuss a memoir, a short story collection, a creative nonfiction book, and a graphic novel before bringing their observations and questions to the authors themselves. 

“As a fiction writer teaching in English,” Gershow says, “I am always surprised by how much students attempt to discern the "author’s intent" when closely reading bringing a variety of authors, genres, and styles to the class, I hope for students to be able to figure out their "ownership" of texts, whether that ownership exists alongside, in concert, or even in disagreement with the author.” 

This class is offered every other academic year, so students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the course in Spring 2020. The class fulfills the ENG C: 1789 — Present requirement for English majors and upper-level credits for the English minor. 

Course Details: 
ENG 399 Special Studies: Living Writers 
CRN 36498 
MW || 10 – 11:20AM 
176 ED 

For more information, contact Miriam Gershow. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Spring 2020 class schedule!