Course Highlight: English Novel

Narrating the Sunset of the British Empire: The Twentieth Century Novel from Modernism to Postmodernism

This course gives students the opportunity to track the novel forms and traditions that emerged following the decline and eventual collapse of the British empire. Students will read and discuss works by such authors as Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, EM Forster, Samuel Selvon, and Michelle Cliff, spanning various locations across the former British empire. 

In reviewing these works, students will analyze the shifting worldviews surrounding world war, globalization, and the rise of a multi-ethnic British society and the impact of these events on the rise of modernism and postmodernism. 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this course in Spring 2020. The class fulfills an Arts & Letters requirement, the ENG C: 1789 — Present and ENG G: Empire/Race/Ethnicity requirements for the English major, and credits for the English minor. 

Course Details: 
ENG 323 — English Novel 
CRN 36489 

For more information, contact Mark Quigley. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Spring 2020 class schedule!