Course Highlight: Advanced Composition

It’s a common misconception that academic and literary styles of writing must be kept distinct and separate— that academic writing focuses entirely on arguments made through objective fact with no place for personal expression or idiosyncrasies. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; in fact, some of the best critical writing across a wide range of disciplines has both intellectual and aesthetic appeal. In this course, students will learn how to assess their own writing habits, develop consistent practices using a variety of formal techniques, craft essays through progressive revisions, and discover their own unique authorial voice. 

This course follows a “writing studio” model, eschewing traditional grading styles in favor of a workshop setting where students can give and receive compassionate critique and feedback on their work. These workshops will give students the opportunity to discuss craft and form in their assessments and revision advice, helping them to build self-assessment strategies that can be used in writing even outside of an academic setting. 

This course fulfills the writing and upper-division elective requirements for the English major, ENG F: Upper-Division Elective for the Old English Major, and credits for the WSCR Certificate and minor

Course Details: 
WR 423— Advanced Composition: Style, Tone, and Point of View 
CRN 36078 

For more information, contact Jenée Wilde. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Spring 2020 class schedule!