Modernist Cultures, Volume 13, Issue 3

Quigley, Mark. Modernist Cultures, Volume 13, Issue 3.

This special issue of Modernist Cultures illustrates the wealth of topics and approaches to be explored and underscores the wide-ranging impacts that a fresh engagement with Ireland's relationship to the First World War promises to yield. Drawing together diverse reflections on aspects of literary culture, gender, memory, labour history, food studies, visual culture, intellectual history, the politics of the Irish language movement, and the war's complex relationships to empire and radical social movements, the essays gathered together here offer a series of strikingly original treatments of World War One. Taken together, they effectively defamiliarize the war and challenge us to reimagine it as a multifarious and rapidly unfolding series of events producing a variety of shifting and sometimes contradictory responses. For a journal and a readership interested in a plurality of modernist cultures, re-encountering the First World War in this way will prove especially useful as the conventional sense of the war as a singular enveloping phenomenon is disrupted. In particular, the familiar linkages between the war and British literary modernism are recontextualized as they are placed alongside an array of different responses emerging from an equally crucial site for Anglophone modernism on the neighboring island. In this regard, especially, this issue complements the wide range of new perspectives on the First World War and modernism offered in the special issue of Modernist Cultures edited by Andrew Frayn last year.

Fields of Focus: Film and Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Literary and Critical Theory, Modernism, British and American