Matter. (MacMillan Interdisciplinary Handbook, on Gender.)

Alaimo, Stacy. Matter. (MacMillan Interdisciplinary Handbook, on Gender.). 2017.

This extremely wide-ranging and transdisciplinary volume places scholarship engaging with matter and materiality at the heart of gender studies. One of the most notable aspects of this collection is that the essays are substantial, theoretically nuanced, engaging, and state of the art, and yet they are written in a clear, accessible, manner, with ample explanations and definitions. The 28 chapters range from classic debates in feminist theory such as that of Gender and Sexuality, to more recent topics such as Neuroscience or Digital Materialities, with many chapters that include science and technology studies. The chapters are: Archaeology; Darwinian Feminisms; Medieval Genders; Sex and Gender; Material Bodies; Transgender Matters; Neuroscience Matters; Indigenous Matters; Physics; Geology; Biology; Botany; Water; Environments; Labor; Economics; Colonialism; Geography; Food; Breast Cancer; Endomaterialities; Reproductive Technology; Sexecologies; Genetics and Epigenetics; Science Fiction; Digital Materialities; Bodily Technologies; Posthumanism. (Please note: the books in this series are probably best accessed through libraries, and the cover does not reflect the content. The volume editors had no input on these aspects of the series.)

Fields of Focus: Cultural Studies, Feminism Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Literary and Critical Theory, Literature and the Environment