Material Feminisms

Alaimo, Stacy. Material Feminisms. 2008.

Material Feminisms, co-edited by Stacy Alaimo and Susan J. Hekman, gathered, early on, essays that exemplify distinctively feminist modes of what is now known as new materialism, positioning intersectional feminisms as central to and vital for the development of new materialism itself. These wide-ranging essays grapple with topics such as the material reality of race, the significance of sexual difference, the impact of disability experience, and the complex interaction between nature and culture in traumatic events such as Hurricane Katrina. Insisting on the importance of materiality in feminist theory and practice, this volume contributes to philosophy, feminist theory, race and ethnic studies, cultural studies, science studies, environmental studies, and other fields where bodies, social forces, and materialities intertwine.

Fields of Focus: Disability Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Literary and Critical Theory, Literature and the Environment, Race and Ethnicity