The Culture of Science: A Casebook for Readers, 2nd Edition

Wilde, Jenée, Rust, Stephen. The Culture of Science: A Casebook for Readers, 2nd Edition. 2019.

Available as Open Educational Resource at:
https://openoregon.pressbooks. pub/cultureofscience/

This substantially updated version of The Culture of Science (2008, edited by Patricia Oman) opens up modes of inquiry into Western knowledge foundations, asking students to embrace epistemological uncertainty as a productive means of developing critical thinking skills. The new digital format also meets open access education priorities for free online textbooks and resources. Our goals with this edition are to address the University’s priorities for inclusive, engaged, and research-led teaching by: (1) increasing the global scope of the readings as well as the diversity of the authors; (2) selecting readings that aim to improve scientific vocabulary and literacy for all students; and (3) making often difficult scientific topics approachable for students with a range of academic interests.

Fields of Focus: American Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Globalization Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Rhetoric and Composition