American Indian Modernities and the New Modernist Studies 'Indian Problem'

Texas Studies in Literature and Language
Brown, Kirby. American Indian Modernities and the New Modernist Studies 'Indian Problem'. Texas Studies in Literature and Language. University of Texas Press. 2017. 287-318.

Scholarship in the New Modernist Studies has significantly changed our understandings of the organizing terms of the field—modernity, modern, modernist—and dramatically expanded the contexts in which they are discussed and debated. Thanks to interventions by scholars taking new approaches and adopting new critical frameworks, we now speak of multiple modernisms and modernities taking place in multiple locations across both “high” and popular forms. American Indian history, experience, literature, and cultural production, however, remains for the most part absent from this new scholarship. This essay attempts to comes to terms with that absence—what I frame as Modernist Studies' "Indian Problem"—and begins the process of situating American Indians and their cultural productions as central—rather than peripheral—figures in these conversations.

Fields of Focus: American Studies, Cultural Studies, Modernism, British and American, Native American Literary Studies, Race and Ethnicity