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University of Oregon

The Center for Teaching Writing

The Center for Teaching Writing, an outreach partner of the English Department’s Composition Program, provides students with opportunities to improve their writing in college and faculty with resources for including more student writing in their courses.  It also functions as a research outreach component for the study of teaching argumentative writing.

Workshops and resources for teaching Writing in the Disciplines enable faculty in any field to use writing to enhance students’ understanding of concepts in their courses.

Writing, Speaking, and Critical Reasoning is a minor and certificate program in which students in any major may take a structure curriculum of courses that teach practical skills and theoretical understanding of rhetorical principles and informal logic.

The Writing 121 Tutorial provides tutoring to students enrolled in WR 121 who may need extra help in writing at the college level.  Graduate students in English are trained as writing tutors as part of their year-long preparation to teach in the Composition Program.

Writing Associates trains undergraduate students to serve as peer tutors in lower-division courses.

In 2008, the Center began the Promise of Reason Initiative to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Perelman and Olbrechts-Tyteca’s The New Rhetoric.  It sponsored a major international conference, which resulted in the publishing of three collections of essays, a national workshop, and on-going plans to access the Perelman archives in Brussels from the Knight Library.

The Center’s occasional publications include “On Reading” by Julia Major, “Ethics and Argumentation,” by James Crosswhite, “Clarify your Vision: Then Write,” by John Gage, and “Five Steps to Rhetorical Heaven,” by Wayne C. Booth.