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University of Oregon

Writing in the Disciplines

writing workshop

Twenty faculty members from a range of departments participated in a Student Writing in the Disciplines workshop organized by the Center for Teaching Writing.  The March 19 workshop attracted faculty who want to include more writing in their undergraduate courses as a way to engage students in active learning.  The workshop included ideas for informal writing occasions, advice for designing effective assignments, and strategies for assessment.  Participants contributed their best writing assignments, and discussed how new ones could be adapted to their courses.

Center Director John Gage was assisted in designing and conducting the workshop by Lee Rumbarger, English Instructor and TEP Director (pictured with participants), by graduate students in Rhetoric and Composition Kristy Kelly and Francesca Gentile, Assistant Center Director Dan Platt, and COLT Instructor Michael McCann.  Co-sponsors included TEP, The President’s Office, and the Williams Council.

The faculty participants came from 15 departments, including, Physics, Geology, Biology, Psychology, International Studies, Economics, Romance Languages, PPPM, Theater, and Political Science, as well as the schools of Journalism and Communication, and Education.  This range is impressive, according to Gage, because “it demonstrates wide-spread interest on campus in the idea that writing is central to learning in any field of knowledge.”  Participants will also be redesigning a syllabus to incorporate concepts from the workshop.