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Publications include co-editor, Davis Country: H.L. Davis's Northwest (Oregon State University Press, 2009);  editor,Fishing the Northwest: An Angler's Reader, (Oregon State University Press, 2000); Babbitt: An Amerian Life, (Twayne Masterwork Studies, 1993); editor, The World Begins Here: An Anthology of Oregon Short Fiction, (Oregon State University Press, 1993); New Americans: The Westerner and the Modern Experience in the American Novel, (Bucknell University Press, 1982); "The Ecological Short Story," in The Columbian Companion to The Twentieth Century Short Story, ed. Blanche Gelfant, (Columbia University Press, 2000); "Revaluing Nature: Toward an Ecological Criticism," Western American Literature, 25:3, Fall, 1990.


My most recent book is Practical Ecocriticism: Literature, Biology, and the Environment, emphasizing connections between literature, literary theory, and the life sciences.  Recent articles include "Shakespeare's Origin of Species and Darwin's Tempest" (Configurations, 2010) and "Darwin and Theory" (Isle, 2011).


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