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University of Oregon

Stephanie LeMenager

Professor Stephanie LeMenager joins the University of Oregon as the Barbara and Carlisle Moore Professor of English. Her teaching and research interests include American studies and environmental humanities. Professor LeMenager has published widely in the fields of American studies and environmental criticism. Her publications include the collection Environmental Criticism for the Twenty-First Century (co-edited with Teresa Shewry and Ken Hiltner) and the monograph Manifest and Other Destinies (2005). Professor LeMenager’s forthcoming book Living Oil: Petroleum and Culture in the American Century (Oxford UP), works toward establishing broader discussion of what “resilience” means in the twenty-first century, considering a re-envisioning of coastal real estate, or a tactical use of corporate plazas as public parks, or the re-inhabitation of sites of energy mining. She also co-founded the environmental humanities journal Resilience with Professor Stephanie Foote of the University of Illinois. Her next book project focuses on the ecological value of writing in the era of climate collapse, starting with two essays begun for an earlier book back in 2005 which is now called Weathering. (Stephanie LeMenager’s faculty profile)