PCI Graduate Specialization Information Reception

Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 4 PM-5 PM
Susan Campbell Hall Graduate Lounge

Map of the UO Campus with Susan Campbell Hall Highlighted Does your work asks questions about race, gender, sexuality, disability, indigeneity, colonialism and/or other forms of difference, and do you study current and/or historical forms of power, domination, resistance, and/or social justice? If so, the Politics, Culture, and Identity Graduate Specialization may enrich your work, offer you additional interdisciplinary skills, help you think about rhetorics and methodologies current scholars in field rely on, support you as you navigate key degree milestones, and connect you with grad students from across the university eager to work on similar issues.

Faculty affiliated with the PCI specialization are based in English, Political Science, and other UO disciplines. 

Join us on Tuesday and learn a bit about the work you can do and how you can benefit from PCI.  

(Nota Bene: the full specialization is available only to PhD students. However, MA students are welcome to attend this reception and learn about the parts of the specialization that might be useful to them.)