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University of Oregon

Three Summer Courses with Open Spots!


Session 1: ENG 300:  Introduction to Literary Criticism

Session 2: ENG 399: Ken Kesey

Session 3: ENG 245: 20th Century Poetics and U.S. Social Movements

Summer Session 1

  • ENG 300: Introduction to Literary Criticism: MTWR 6/20-7/17, 1000-1150. CRN 40776, Corbett Upton. Various techniques and approaches to literary criticism (e.g., historical, feminist, formalist, deconstructionist, Freudian, Marxist, semiotic) and their applications.
 Literary Theory/Criticism 

Summer Session 2

  • ENG 399: Ken Kesey: MTWR 7/18-8/14, 1400-1550. 40781, David Arnold. Intensive study of Kesey and his impact; includes reading from The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Sometimes a Great Notion, Demon Box, Jail Book, and the critics.
Elective; 1789+

Summer Session 3

  • ENG 245: 20th Century Poetics and U.S. Social Movements: MTWR 8/15-9/11, 1300-1520. 42633, Luk, Sharon. What can different approaches to poetics tell us about U.S. social movements to organize the meaning and goals of global democracy in the long twentieth century? How does the work of poetry shape, challenge, and/or distinguish itself from other forms of struggle to change the world? Lower Division Elective; Gen Ed multicultural (IP)

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